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Govt Neglected Coloured Townships

Written by Mia Lindeque -
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Gauteng Premier David Makhura has acknowledged that government has neglected coloured townships while a lot has been done for African informal settlements.

Makhura addressed scores of mourners at the Reiger Park Stadium during Taegrin Morris's funeral at the weekend.

The four-year-old was dragged behind his parents' stolen vehicle for several kilometres last week as the gunmen sped off with him still strapped in with a seat belt.

He died a short while later and his body was later discovered in Boksburg next to the abandoned vehicle.

Taegrin has been hailed as a 'prince of peace’ with the community saying that his death has marked a turning point for the Reiger Park area which is riddled with drugs and gangsterism.

Makhura said the four-year-old's death must mark the end of the marginalisation of people oppressed under apartheid.

"Many in the coloured townships feel that they aren't part of the new South Africa and feel that they aren't black enough. Under apartheid, they felt they weren't white enough."

He said municipalities and provincial governments must give more attention to communities like Reiger Park and ensure they don't feel left out while the rest of the country develops.

Police are offering a R100 000 reward to anyone with information on the hijackers who killed Taegrin.

Phike family attends funeral

The family of a Bronkhorstspruit boy who survived a dramatic hijacking more than a week ago say they share the pain of Taegrin's family.

Mongezi Phike's family attended Morris's funeral in Reiger Park at the weekend to offer their condolences.

Phike was taken hostage for six days earlier this month after hijackers assaulted his father, stole their vehicle, and disappeared with the young boy still buckled up in the back seat.

His mother, Lizzie said she identified with the pain felt by the Morris family although her son's hijacking drama turned out differently.

"I am here because I just wanted to come and comfort the Morris family. I feel bad because they were not as lucky as I was."

Morris's mother, Chantal, thanked the Phike family for their support and wished Mongezi's father Aaron a speedy recovery.

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