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Size Does Matter

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The age old saying that size doesn't matter is and always was untrue.
What if almost everything you believe and everything you do relates to size?
Does the size of your bank balance matter to you? Yes, for most of us the size of our bank balance does matter.
Does the size of a steak matter to you? Of course it does, unless you are a vegetarian, in which case, the size of your favourite vegetable would be important to you, right?
The size of a man's ummmm... Ego? Does that matter?
Even when looking at our life partners or our potential life partners, the size of certain parts of their anatomy do matter...
No, don't lie to yourself.... (More about that further below the video.)

So does the size of the country you live in matter? Does the size of thecontinent you live on matter?

A Peters Map shows the true size of Africa

Here's the interesting thing... "Eurocation" blinds us to believe that 'third world' countries are much smaller than what they really are and that first world countries are much larger than what they really are.
Size does matter because that is how we subconsciously rate the importance of a country.
When the whole of Africa and countries on other continents that are considered to be 'third world' are depicted as smaller than they really are, then they are perceived as less significant than what they should be.
Those perceptions influence how the populations of 'first world' countries accept their leaders' foreign policies to be fair, when in fact there is no fairness to it.

Check out the funny but very informative video clip further below from an episode of the West Wing TV series about the research relating to the relative sizes of countries compared to what we see on a 'normal' map.

If you are still skeptical that it's just plain comedy, then you can Click Here to find our more about the Gail-Peters Projection.

Funny but True from an episode of West Wing

Oh and ummm... Remember I mentioned that the size of certain body parts do matter?
Well... I did not say the size of every or any specific body part.
We cannot deny that as humans we are attracted to the porportions of certain body parts when looking at potential mates but...
It turns out that scientifically speaking, there is a certain body part that gets way more discussion about its size than is really necessary.
Of course, no matter what the scientists and researchers say, for many, size will continue to matter but...
You can Click here to read why it only really seems to matter when researched in controlled conditions and.. 
You can Click here to read why the size of that specific organ does not matter as much as we all tend to think it does.

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