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Written by Emile Jansen
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I am constantly asked if I see "so-called coloureds" as another tribe or race in the context of South Africa. Truth is that race is bullshit and a construct... BUT... in South Africa and even in the global context, the various versions of being black exists and is embedded in the way society is structured and thus to ignore that truth is to be fooled into thinking that SILENT COLLECTIVISM will make the black majority MAGICALLY UNITE.

Some people say it perpetuates ApartHATE divide and conquer and thats not true either. Just because our society does not speak about the elephant in the room, does not mean that IT DOES NOT EXISTS. And in some cases continues to grow, as it has during the illusion of Democracy we have been faking in South Africa. WE MUST TALK TRUTHFULLY ABOUT RACE.

You can't say I'm black and then allow me to be discriminated against when it comes to job opportunities, continue to refer to me as a coloured and call me a racist when I wanna help my own community ... when you do the same ...

Another question has been... Can so-called coloureds participate in the national political conversation, when they have no collective power, nor pool their limited resources to empower themselves?

Lastly, this question? Should so-called coloureds first help to heal themselves as a collective, before trying to participate in the national subliminal racist conversations of Demockery happening currently. This euphemism called a Capitalist Democracy sucks all the wealth from so-called coloured communities and offers and nationally enforced grid of employment to the very people disempowering themselves. Is it not time that the community sees that it is driving more of their youth into unemployment by buying from such shops that stick to the national grid in a hopelessly outnumbered community where so-called coloureds are the majority.

And is boycotting shops who are not supporting/ sponsoring/ employing the children of the customers a realistic way to force the change need that will stop our GROWING UNEMPLOYED YOUTH in Cape Town. Or should we all just go other provinces, as was suggested by a Minister... he suggested we spread out throughout the country.

Some questions from Cape Flats Youth and Myself...