Monday, 28 November 2016 14:44

Govt says First-nation status for Khoisan ‘unsustainable’

Written by Andisiwe Makinana - City Press
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The government does not want the Khoisan people to be declared as the “first nation” of South Africa, warning this would create divisions in the country and would not be sustainable.

“Let’s not go into the temptation of giving them the first-nation status."

“If we go that route, it’s unsustainable… because they would then want their own government within the government system that we have,” said Deputy Minister Obed Bapela, who is responsible for traditional affairs.
He was warning the National Assembly’s portfolio committee on Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs this week against some of the demands by Khoisan leaders, who are getting statutory recognition from the government for the first time since 1994.

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Jenny Arrison-Cornelius of Royal House of the Khoisan Nation and advisor Professor Winston P. Nagan, an Expert on International and Indigenous Human Rights Law compiled a response to Deputy Minister Obed Bapela's statement that First Nation status for Khoisan is unsustainable.
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