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Art & Design Taking Huge Strides with 7 Steps Hub Featured

Written by Ryan Swano
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The Capetonian who seems to always be on a mission to do something extraordinary and who single-handedly took Cape Town and South Africa by storm with his #WaydesWelcome campaign has a new mission.
Clint White's new brainchild, 7 Steps Hub, is already forging full-steam ahead.

Clint White with Wayde van Niekerk - Image via TwitterHis campaign to welcome home South Africa's Olympic & World Record Breaking Champion Athlete Wayde van Niekerk with a book containing messages of support he had collected, Clint White himself also became a household name particularly among people from his home city Cape Town.
Clint's #WaydesWelcome journey spanned 2 months, walking 400km on foot, meeting and capturing over 1700 messages from people from all walks of life.

The #WaydesWelcome campaign trended nationally within 3 days of him starting it, and was featured on every major media platform in the country, from TV interviews, Radio appearances, campaigns and print media. From meeting David Kramer, Tannie Evita, the Expresso Team and even our Facebook Page and Twitter regularly shared his progress with the campaign.
Clint's journey finally culminated in him being invited as a distinguished guest at a gala dinner for Wayde. He made a memorable speech when handing the book over to Wayde and to top it all off, Clint got to meet and have dinner with the champion himself.

Clint's newest mission, the 7 Steps Hub is a programme created to help the youth of the Cape Flats succeed and this time Clint is not going it alone.
Clint summed up what the reasoning behind his new programme is.
"Through #WaydesWelcome, I realised that with our potential as humans we drive and inspire one another to do better and achieve more. This is the premise of 7 Steps Hub. It is an organisation determined to change the mentalities of youth by providing engaging and creative Arts & Craft programmes in an effort to build and develop self-confidence, expression, creativity and new ways of thinking."

The 7 Steps programme derives its name from the attributes the programme aims to reinforce in the learners. Those are Passion, Attitude, Resilience, Creativity, Innovation, Self-belief and Purpose.

Though the #WaydesWelcome campaign gave impetus to the new program, 7 Steps Hub should not be mistaken as an attempt to simply capitalise and ride on the coattails of Clint's previous successes.
The 7 Steps Hub programme with its professional organisational structure, a clearly laid out manifesto and transparent articles of incorporation, is supported by and has been developed in partnership with the locally founded, internationally acclaimed organisation, RLabs, as part of their InnoVIA innovation programme with Marlon Parker.
Marlon Parker and RLabs are of course no strangers to many of our members and our regular readers as we always try to stay abreast and inform our readers of new innovations and developments which the Athlone based international think-tank comes up with.

We at understand that Art, Design and Innovation go hand in hand so we asked Clint to explain to us how 7 Steps Hub aims to maximise the outcomes of their programme in a way that it will have a long-term impact on the lives of the learners.
According to the 7 Steps Hub Manifesto the programme is meant to fill the huge gaps in the school curriculum for arts development at various schools and will initially be rolled out in the Cape Peninsula.
Clint Explained further: "Our Programme lends itself to the 7 attributes that we believe our youth possess. These attributes encourage creative thinking in applying oneself in changing their own life and seeing things with a different perspective; to drive ownership, a sense of purpose and to re-imagine their contribution to the world."
"It is our goal to partner with institutions of higher learning which have bursary opportunities, so that our learners can understand the necessary criteria in applying for these bursaries. This is crucial in transforming industry."

The Programme is financially reliant on corporate as well as government funding.
7 Steps Hub will however also empower learners to start fundraising initiatives by themselves and of course donations from members of the public will be most welcome.
Members of the public are also invited to offer whatever other forms assistance and means of support they can, including offering their time and skills.

Anyone wanting to know more about 7 Steps Hub, are interested in introducing the programme at their local school, wants to volunteer or donate to the programme are free to contact members of the 7 Steps Hub management team.

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