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Colo-naai-sation...and other big words!

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A deliberately crude, vulgar, offensive guide behind the many buzzwords which one will come across in news reports in South Africa today.

Naai-hilism: When you accept that the world is fucked and death is imminent...get over it. (check "nihilism")


Apartheid De-naai-ilism: When White South Africans pretend to not know how they are orders of magnitude more prosperous and privileged than everybody else and blame it all on Zuma and the ANC.


Colon-ialism: From the word "colon", meaning large intestine, this is the period in Africa's recent history when the continent was arse-raped by European powers who took a huge dump on indigenous populations and proceeded to wipe their arse with their national flags. Apparently it was all a very good thing though, which colonised populations should be grateful for.


De-mock-racy: It's what most countries in the world today pretend to have...but many unfortunately make a mockery of it.


Democratic A-Lie-ance: A political party in South Africa built on the lie that wilful ignorance of the past, turning a blind eye to systemic injustice and pretending that restorative social justice is not in any way important. The term a "White Lie" was invented by this party. Stroes bob!


Nie-Jou-Liberalism: From the Afrikaans term "Nie Jou", meaning "Not Yours" - Nie-Jou-Liberalism means just what it says, it's not your freedom; it's not your market; it's not your opportunities...these things belong to the rich and the multinational corporations only. Tsek sannie!


Poes-Klap: A klap given by a person who, by all measurements, is a Poes!!



By "Charles Ash - The Comedian"  <--- (Schmaak my page on Facebook please...haaauw!)

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