Thursday, 27 December 2018 12:52

Black Christmas in Valhalla Park - Six and Four Year Old Shot Dead on Christmas Eve Featured

Written by Bruinou.xon
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A group of concerned parents and community leaders from Valhalla Park and surrounding areas are up in arms over the death of two children which did not even draw a murmur from mainstream media and which seemingly had a slow response from law enforcement agencies.
A shootout in Valhalla Park on the Cape Flats  left two children, aged four and six, dead and five others injured.
Meanwhile the Anti-Gang Unit (AGU released a statement on Thursday morning that they have arrested three suspects in connection with the Christmas Eve shooting of two children in Valhalla Park.
Twelve people were on Thursday morning taken in for questioning.
AGU Commander Major-General Andre Lincoln said one suspect was arrested in Athlone while the other two were arrested in Kriefgat.
“With the arrest, we seized a whole lot of medical supplies, R29 000 in cash, cellphones and a gas welding regulator. We’ve also taken in six people for questioning, then at Kriefgat, took a further six for questioning.”
An earlier statement by the group of concerned parents reads as follows.
The Festive Season of murders must come to an end!
Two children killed. Another wounded. Ten murders within Bishop Lavis, Bonteheuwel and Valhalla Park. Scores of others wounded. No outcry, no national media attention. Now imagine two children get killed in say, for instance, Constantia. There would have been an outcry.
The media would have had a field day. The police would have been running around. The wheels of the justice system would have been seen turning. But, it is only Valhalla Park. No big deal. The lives of the children of the working class do not matter.
The communities of Bishop Lavis and Bonteheuwel have consistently raised our concerns related to the safety and security of our areas and to date the response of SAPS has been wholly inadequate. 
There were shutdowns. Our people have valiantly come out in their numbers and demanded an end to poverty, injustice and inequality. And yes, our communities have forced the hand of the authorities to deploy an Anti-Gang Unit in the Western Cape. This was the result of struggle.
And immediately following our protests, SAPS was seen to be acting. Police visibility increased and a few arrests have been made. 
We have demanded the permanent deployment of the tactical response team as well as base camps. We have demanded the reallocation of police personnel away from the leafy suburbs to address the ongoing low intensity war in our working class communities. SAPS to date has failed to accede to our legitimate demands. We therefore hold SAPS and all spheres of government responsible for these murders.
Given the lack of response from SAPS, the communities of the Bishop Lavis policing precinct have taken the decision to picket the Bishop Lavis police station. This protest action will take place 27 December 2018, starting at 9:00. We call on all residents, fraternal organisations, religious bodies, sports bodies to join our picket.
Our demands remain unchanged and include:
1. We demand the permanent deployment of the tactical response team to the Bishop Lavis precinct
2. We demand the reallocation of police personnel away from the suburbs and be deployed to hot spots
3. We demand that Bonteheuwel has its own police station
4 We demand the immediate eviction of gang leaders and drug lords
5. We demand the immediate arrest of all gang members as per the POCA provisions
6. We demand an integrated Community Safety Plan which is monitored by communities
7. We demand a Mass Public Works Program at a living wage
We are done with meetings in Boardrooms with SAPS and state officials. We will meet them today in the killing fields of Bishop Lavis. The gangs are waging war against the working class and SAPS is failing in its mandate to protect the citizens of the Republic of South Africa. Enough is Enough. We will no longer allow these murderous scum to terrorize our communities.
Issued by:
Concerned Residents of Bishop Lavis, Nooitgedacht, Valhalla Park, Kriefgat and Bonteheuwel
Please refer all queries to
AK Matthews at 078 6112411
Nadia Mayman De Grass at 071 6216256