Monday, 24 June 2019 08:29

The 'Colour' of Coloureds Mentality Featured

Written by Wade Goodwin
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The problem with them (the coloureds) seeing themselves in isolation to the broader black struggles for economic equity and equality through financial restitution and land repatriation is the following:
1. It's common cause that the negative impact of colonialism and Apartheid's racist policies adversely effected black people more by an order of magnitude.
2. It's an empirically provable, socio-historical fact that white supremacy employs the age old strategy of 'divide and conquer'.
3. White people, the beneficiaries of colonialism and Apartheid always needed a useful and reliable ally.
4. This 'allyship' was carefully nurtured, because they share a common language and because they acted as a vital refiller for the white gene pool.
5. They needed a cheap labour pool to resource and replenish the fishing industries and wine farms.
6. To that end they were elevated above their black compatriots, by the offer of a few disposable institutionalised privileges.
Their (black peoples) struggle is our struggle from a logical perspective? Consider the example of the barons fight in the 12th century with King John of England. The signing of the Magna Carta eventually benefitted all the citizens of the country.....
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