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(0 votes) Content Contributor Angelo C Louw on 2021 M&G List of Top 200 Young South Africans Image Supplied by Angelo Louw Content Contributor Angelo Louw on 2021 M&G List of 200 Young South Africans
A long-time Content Contributor and Documentarian Angelo Louw has recently been announced as a finalist on the 2021 Mail & Guardian 200 Young South Africans List which annually honours outstanding youth in the country.
This list of SA's change-makers, in celebration of Youth Month, which has previously honoured the likes of Trevor Noah, has various categories including Arts, Entertainment, Film & Media but Film & Media is not the only field in which Angelo excels.
The list in fact features Angelo in the Environmental Category because of his work at Greenpeace, which places an emphasis on marginalised groups and how they are affected by climate change.

Angelo uses his skills anf experience as an internationally recognised journalist and documentarian to champion Envirob=nmental causes.
An exam0ple of can be seen in our article which contains his Documentary SHort Film:
GUTTED - The Fight of Kalk Bay Fishers
"Angelo Louw has used his media training and journalism background to bring awareness to the various issues — environmental, social and economic — that marginalise communities."
"In his role at Greenpeace, he focuses on shifting perceptions of the climate crisis to be more inclusive of the people and communities it affects most. More often than not, it is people of colour who bear the brunt of society’s ills, and Louw’s work goes a long way towards educating audiences of all backgrounds about this fact."
"His short film highlighting the economic exclusion of Kalk Bay fishermen uses storytelling to create a space for awareness and education. Louw says there is no separation between the personal and the professional, as every issue he tackles affects him directly. His goals are as much about justice and equality as they are about self-preservation."

Articles on written by Angelo C Louw include:

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