Wednesday, 22 December 2021 10:25

A Tollie in the Krismis Hamper? Featured

Written by Kenneth M Alexander
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Yassie Jong!!! Today is the day we collect our meat hamper from the butcher.
They said something about a half tollie???

I am Not going to eat that. Who eats tollies???


Antie Tietie, who died earlier in the year, left her freezer to us.
OK, not in her will, but we claimed it; so now we are going to fill it up.
Yes we put in extra ice packs and a lot of ice blocks to keep it all iced up. The thing is mos broken you know. It doesn’t freeze anymore… only like a fridge… But it keeps the lang biere just under room temperature mos.


Our butcher packs everything just as our mom ordered... chicken with chicken and mince with mince. Not all mixed up.

Yes the hamper included 2 big chickens, fat and strong not like those klein mossie chickens of Nando's.
Why they put soup bones in baffles me....

Yes our butcher knows how to make Christmas lekke for us.

A lekke lamb bout spiced with fish masala and ready for the oven. Deboned mutton pieces and ribbetjies mos… I heard thus year you get a lektriek voucher and R5 airtime also.

But this year will be so very different each of us in quarantine in our own Wendies, OK our Wendy belongs to the landlord and we were told that from 1st Janyouworry our rent was going up and that we no longer could use the inside toilet. Now that is another kak story to start 2022, but first let's get to the butcher before they close for Christmas.


By the way, we are going to use Santie’s pram as a trolley to bring that tollie home.

Just pray wiff us that the Naughty Boys on that other corner don't rop us.



Tollie (a small ox, a castrated calf)

tolly in British English

or tollie (ˈtɒlɪ ) nounWord forms: plural -lies.

South Africa. a castrated calf.

Collins English Dictionary

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