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The Tales of Robyn Strangehood - Performance Poetry to Intrigue & Entertertain Featured

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Finally a Performance Poetry production that will entice you to truly set your imagination free.
In an era not too long ago, in fact, throughout recorded human history, the purpose of poetry and the performance of poetry has primarily been to entertain the reader or the audience; until the last few decades that is.

The best and most entertaining poetry performances for many lifetimes have always been those in which the only limit to your interpretation was your imagination.
In her new production The Tales of Robyn Strangehood, in part accompanied by live musicians, Robyn Strangehood aka Robyn Radcliffe will let that which you hear shape its own unique enchanted playground in your mind to form magical spaces where your spirit can run free with wild abandon.


Reimagining Imagination
It seems the world has lost the joy of poetry and with her new show produced and directed by Quintin Goliath aka Jitsvinger, Robyn Radcliffe aims to reintroduce that which has for far too long been lacking in Performance Poetry.
Robyn Radcliffe promises that there will be quite a lot different in THE TALES OF ROBYN STRANGEHOOD, presented by IS JY JITS? on 10 September 2022 at SASNEV in Pinelands, Cape Town.
"People tend to have fixed ideas when it comes to performing poetry. Be prepared to have your perceptions altered and to leave any preconceived notions behind. Step into a world of possibility, tapping into your child-like wonder,enter into a time and space where stories fueled your imagination, blurring the line between fantasy and reality. Have an open mind and you might meet some interesting characters along the way."


Producer and director Jitsvinger who has worked with Robyn Radcliffe on various occasions in different formats and who on his guitar along with Keegan Steenkamp on trumpet will be accompanying Robyn Strangehood in certain parts of the show, expressed his excitement to once again be working with the endearingly strange poet.
"Robyn is a phenom and her pen is nothing short of an absolute rarity. She sets herself apart from the countless others in the poetry genre."

"I am a lover of the word and Robyn weaves eccentricity with elegance to a science. I can work with that!!"
IS JY JITS? was started in 2022 by Quintin Goliath's as vehicle through which he collaborates, produces & directs live performance presentations to deliver on artistic excellence and build links between the entertainment industry.


Jitsvinger’s reputation for successfully conceptualizing innovative collaborations is already reflected as a hallmark of Is Jy Jits? and in a brilliant stroke of genius Quintin Goliath has co-opted the talented trumpeter and composer Keegan Steenkamp onto The Tales of Robyn Strangehood production.
From Muizenberg, Cape Town, Keegan Steenkamp made his first appearances on the Cape Town music scene at the age of 17 and went on to graduate from the UCT South African College of Music with a degree in Jazz Performance in 2017.
In 2019 he independently released his debut EP `Golden Hour` which earned him recognition as a composer and band leader.

Having performed internationally and on some of South Africa’s biggest stages including Rocking The Daisies and The Cape Town International Jazz Festival, Keegan has also spent a year and a half in Japan. Since his return to home soil the 27 year old has worked and collaborated with the likes of MXO, Siya Makuzeni, Jitsvinger, Sounds & Words, and Luh’ra, while also continuing to lead his own band.
The skillful trumpeting will most certainly enhance the magic you'll experience in The Tales of Robyn Strangehood.

Rebel Without a Cause
Many poets and lovers of poetry can agree that Performance Poetry has become a narrow field where it seems the sole domain holders are those who use their poetry as a vehicle to channel their activism and audiences are meant to leave inspired to take up the poet's cause.

Given our history as a nation where protest poetry formed a strong pillar in our fight against the oppression of Apartheid, what most audiences expect to hear at a Performance Poetry event is modern-day protest poetry performed in the Poetry Slam style with modern-day causes at it's core.

Of course protest poetry is important in our world where activism to rally around important issues is often the only available avenue to bring about societal change, but protest poetry should not ever be the only form of poetry we experience.
The Tales of Robyn Strangehood is definitely not for those who are looking for a cause to fight.

Robyn Strangehood aka Robyn Radcliffe - Photo by Craig Thomas Fortuin

A Strange Invitation
It could be perceived as somewhat strange that Robyn Radcliffe, who holds Degrees in both English & Communications Science, with her vast experience in Education, The Arts, Copywriting, and as a Lecturer in Public Relations invites You to come out and be Playful with her.
More than the above, Robyn Radcliffe, who is also a playwright and scriptwriter, embodies what could be deemed the new contemporary meaning of a Professional Poet. Her poetic and performance skills have placed her on a plane where she features on the music across genres ranging from Jazz to Hip Hop, most notably the recent releases of 'They Say' by saxophonist Denzil Erasmus and on 'Die Profeet' by Jitsvinger off his groundbreaking nu-jazz inspired Hip Hop album Jitsonova Vol. 1 Compos Mentis.

Robyn Radcliffe was also recently commissioned to write poetry on a project that depicts the wealth disparity that permeates through and is exacerbated by the spatial planning of the Western Cape for which she toured some of lesser known but really interesting spaces in the Cape that do not make it onto the tourist postcards.

Oh and we are proud of that with her short stories Robyn Radcliffe also happens to be a Content Contributor on

Alongside all of her 'serious assignments', Robyn Radcliffe is a staunch believer in the value of play.
After all, that is how all poets start out with their first forays into poetry; they play around with words and that is what she invites her audience to experience through The Tales of Robyn Strangehood.

An Ode to a Logofile
A poetry show of whimsy and enchantment, of bookworm embellishment, The Tales of Robyn Strangehood opens with her exploring the Love of Words... Her love of Words... and how words not only form the basis of language but how they form visions in our minds and are able to stir our souls.

Off the beaten track, eccentric and a little odd, Robyn Strangehood goes on to share some strange ideas with an imaginative foray into fantasy that blur the lines between perception and reality.
With Poetic Imagery that straddles dimensions, she takes the ethereal and turns the seemingly esoteric into the universally accessible with only your imagination.
Robyn Strangehood will also be introducing a few quirky characters, each with their own idiosyncrasies and she might surprise many by adding a touch of local flavor in that mix.


Enchanting Eccentric Elegant

The Tales of Robyn Strangehood is an innovative challenge to conventional Performance Poetry and caters for the lovers of poetry who want to see the artform explore new territories and break new ground.
Take the opportunity to experience the rarity of escapism and of being truly entertained by Performance Poetry.
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Partnering with Is Jy Jits? and providing an excellent venue for The Tales of Robyn Strangehood is The South African Centre for the Netherlands and Flanders (SASNEV) in Pinelands, Cape Town, South Africa.
SASNEVwhich is celebrating its 25th year in 2022 strives to promote knowledge of and interest in the two Dutch-speaking regions in Europe, namely Flanders and the Netherlands.

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