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Somtyds wonne 'n man as die hype groot is dat die disappointment maybe nog groter gaan wies...
KROON's new album Steinkopf tot Bontas lives up to the hype.

After their first offering a few years ago, the KROON EP, the duo of Pierre "Mr. DIY" Cloete & Cheslyn "Chella021" Philander, who make up KROON_ZA, took a break from their group while focusing on their individual projects and collaborating with others.
A year and a half ago they started working on this!

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Ek gaan nie stry nie...  Aan die begin was ons ook maar skepties en versigtig en ja...
Vandat ons hier by Bruinou.com insae het by die kykNET Ghoema musiektoekennings se Hip Hop kategorie was daar maar nog altyd baie van ons in die Hip-Hop-gemeenskap wat die hele saak en die organiseerders se motiewe bevraagteken en skepties aanskou het...
In hierdie artikel pak ons so 'n paar kwelpunte aan en hopelik kan ons aan belangstelendes so 'n bietjie insig gee.

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Well... I can't remember how many times over the past few months I've told people "No, Nommer 37 is not your 'run-of-the-mill' Cape Flats gangster movie".
To be honest... Until now that was based on the information I have been given by people involved in different aspects of the production of the movie, but now I have actually seen the entire film.
After attending the official South African premiere on Monday 21 May I can with one hundred percent certainty say...
Nommer 37 is die nomme vannie flêt... It gannie oo’ nommeskap en gêngsterism soes ôs it kennie...
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DALA WAT JY MOET is the first song to be released from the soundtrack of the acclaimed Cape Town-set thriller Nommer 37 and was cCreated by two of South Africa’s most talented rising stars, Youngsta CPT and Irshaad Ally.
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Nou as jy as dink jy't 'n ideë van wat om te verwag wanneer jy na 'n album luister wat as te ware 'n chronicle is van die pregnant kunstenaar se nege maande verwagting tot en met die geboorte van haar baba, suggest ek nou al dat jy jou preconceived ideas somma met die baby se badwater uitgooi, maar...
Voor ek by die actual musiek uitkom gaan ek sommer uit die staanspoor uit bieg...
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Winner of the Ghoema2017 Award for Afrikaans Hip Hop Song of the Year, Early B, has just signed a record deal with the prestigious international record label, Universal Music. He joins a long list of successful local and international talent, such as The Voice SA contestants Caroline Grace and Fatman, who also recently got signed by Universal.
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On Wednesday 23 August 2017, Hakkiesdraad Hartman and two of his fellow artists will be presenting a Dinner Showcase at the Jolly Carpe in Retreat Cape Town.
He will be accompanied by singer, songwriter Robert Rudeboi Lawrence and wordsmith NormanSmily. All three of these artists hail from George in the Garden Route and have been working together for 5 years. They have been writing and recording, developing artists and the music scene in George and the Southern Cape while maintaining strong community responsibility and social awareness.

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To quote POC, “Ek ken ‘n anne kêrel, van Pêrel se werel…” Sy naam was Jaak. Jaak Spraak.
One of my favourite memories of Jaak was in 2006 during the recording of ‘Kom Op’ for Jitsvinger’s debut album Skeletsleutel at our High Voltage Studio in Woodstock.

It was his first major break outside of Paarl, the first of much collaboration that followed, since everyone in the city wanted to work with him. Maybe because his Afrikaans sounded different, born and bred on the ‘wrong’ side of the Berg River, where the middle finger of Afrikaans proudly stands erected as a monumental reminder of colonial subjugation.

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Die Benoemings van die finaliste in die Ghoema 2017 Beste Hip Hop Liedjie Kategorie is aangekondig en nou jan jy stem vir jou gunsteling uit die vyf liedjies wat benoem was.
Veels Geluk aan Early B, Hemel Besem, Jerome Rex en Linkris met hul benoemings as die Ghoema 2017 Finaliste in die Beste Hip Hop Liedjie Van Die Jaar Kategorie.

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I would be lying and you would rightfully suspect me of trying to hitch onto a populist bandwagon if I were to say that my encounters with Ashley Titus aka Mr FAT in any sort of way had a huge influence on my life in Hip Hop culture.
It was at best a minor incidental influence that later turned out to be somewhat meaningful in a few important ways.
On this day that we commemorate his passing I want to make it emphatically clear that I did not know Mr FAT very well and there are many of my friends and people who I am acquainted with who knew him far better than I ever could. I am hoping that they too will be reading this in the spirit with which it was intended.

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