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Ghoema Woema is an exiting and lively documentary taking a look into the culure of Cape Jazz.
The Unique Music Style, The Dance Style and The Jazz Club Culture are all intertwined to define what is Cape Jazz. 
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Thursday, 24 November 2016 04:56

World Class Line-up for Lazy Sunday Jazz

The impressive line-up takes on the air of a homecoming celebration as seemingly half of the artists on the roster are from Cape Town but they are either based in other cities or they are constantly on tour.
Wrapping up its 2016 series on Sunday 27 November, Woodstock Live presents a celebration of the Jazz influenced sounds of Cape Town.

Lazy Sunday Jazz, the fourth Woodstock Live outing in Trafalgar Park, aims to acknowledge and celebrate the past, present and future sounds of the Cape jazz scene, featuring musicians who have their roots in and share a love of this ever-evolving genre.

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The band TopDog SAFor many lovers of local Jazz music, these artists have individually become household names. They started off around three years ago as a four man band backing up some of the top South African and International Artists during their concerts here and abroad.
TopDog SA now has a fifth member for quite some time already and today 31 March 2016 marks the release of their debut album Griqua DNA wich includes features by Jonathan Butler and Marrion Meadows.
The Griqua DNA album which band member Don Vino has described as a fusion of jazz as people know it and Khoisan folk music, is also just in time to coincide with their performace at the Cape Town International Jazz Festival.

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