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Ek kry die laaste ruk baie fanmail om te vra of ‘coloured influencers’ goed met mekaar or die weg kom. Dan was ek ook gevra oor hoe groot die kompetisie of druk onder mekaar is, en oor die juicy-ness van backstabbing, en presies hoé popularity onder ons werk.


Maar laat ons eers die probleem met die concept rondom ‘being coloured’ en being 'an influencer' aanspreek. Dr Diana Ferrus som almal in Suid-Afrika in haar werke die beste op, deur te sê; ons is ‘gemeng’. So, indien Verwoerd of Botha met hul onvoltooide grade en ‘missing thesis chapters’ genot gevind het om Suid-Afrikaners te klassifiseer is dit op hulle. It is none of my business. That is why I'm here, and they are not. And I thank you.

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Theo Abrahams, a seemingly Average Joe but with a lethal set of skills, goes on the run when he's accused of a crime he doesn't even remember committing.
The ensuing chaos leads him down the rabbit hole of a conspiracy at the highest levels of government.

Suffering from severe Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and unable to return to work, ex-fireman Theo Abrahams (Jarrid Geduld) turns to alcohol and becomes increasingly frustrated and volatile.

Theo’s world is rocked when his journalist wife Angela (Nicole Fortuin) is murdered – and he is the prime suspect. He soon finds himself on the run from the police for a murder he is positive he didn’t commit. But was he framed? Or did one of his violent nightmares cause him to do something he didn’t mean to do?

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Wednesday, 22 December 2021 10:25

A Tollie in the Krismis Hamper?

Yassie Jong!!! Today is the day we collect our meat hamper from the butcher.
They said something about a half tollie???

I am Not going to eat that. Who eats tollies???

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For anyone finishing high school, attending their Matric Ball aka Senior Prom is a highlight that caps a 13 year long school career from Grade R to Grade 12 and almost every school learner looks forward to that day.

A Cape Flats teen from Valhalla Park who attended Elsies River High School had other plans.

Jade le Roux gave up the Glits & Glamour of attending her Matric Ball and instead served 150 needy people with a meal and threw a party to honour her local community hero Charlene Petersen.

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Sunday, 28 November 2021 21:52

The Good, The Bad & The Incorrigible

A family of seven, among them twin brothers,  have recently moved into the home opposite ours.
The pair are about six years old and at any time on the weekend you'll find them playing soccer with some of the other neighborhood kids.

But now the one twin is just one of those kids who steals the heart of everyone he makes contact with, despite running into people's gardens and destroying their gardens or stealing fruit from their trees or 'accidentally' throwing stones on their rooftops. He just has that kind of cherubic, forgivable face. The kind you respond to with, 'just don't do it again' after he's worked his charm on you.
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Tuesday, 26 October 2021 10:52

Band Aid for Ameen, The Rappin Donkey

It is seldom that an entertainer, over a span of decades, continues to capture the imaginations of not only audiences but also that of other entertainers in a diverse variety of fields and still somehow continues to remain relevant while always evolving.


Not only was and is the originator of the Bruin Man Funk continually evolving but by all accounts Ameen Levy still manages to stick to his core identity as an artist, an entertainer and more importantly, as a person.


Sadly Ameen Levy and his family were struck by the devastating tragedy of losing their home in a fire on 22 September 2021. To help them through this difficult period, and help get the Ameen Levy Foundation back up and running, Band Aid along with Uncle Cal and P-Fore Online are hosting a benefit event for the entertainer who has not only worked with, influenced and paved the way for so many of his contemporaries and those young artists who he has given a platform to, but who has also given joy to audiences and fans all over the country.

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Omtesê, somma 'n helese Drietalige Dictionary van Kaaps, en djy van alle mense kan oek deel wies ha'van.*
Of dit nou 'n storieskrywer of digter is, 'n rapper of sanger is, 'n verhoog, film en tv akteur of  vermaaklikheids-kunstenaar is wie hulle ding kyk in Kaaps oftewel Afrikaaps en of dit nou maar net iemand is wie 'n voorliefde het vir Kaaps en die taal van nature daagliks gebruik is die Drietalige Woordeboek van Kaaps iets wat jou en ons almal se uitkyk op taalgebruik kan verander.
The exciting thing about the Kaaps Dictionary project is that you can become part of the process.
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Haunted by her past, flawed but brilliant criminal profiler, Reyka Gama investigates a string of brutal murders committed by a serial killer in the sugar cane fields of KwaZulu-Natal.

South African born actress Kim Engelbrecht (Isidingo, Dominion and The Flash) and acclaimed British actor Iain Glen (Game of Thrones and Downtown Abbey) star in the M-Net and Fremantle’s eight-part contemporary crime drama Reyka.

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Bruinou.com Content Contributor Angelo Louw on 2021 M&G List of 200 Young South Africans
A long-time Bruinou.com Content Contributor and Documentarian Angelo Louw has recently been announced as a finalist on the 2021 Mail & Guardian 200 Young South Africans List which annually honours outstanding youth in the country.
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Thursday, 20 May 2021 16:26

Mistaken Identity and 'n Klomp Drama

Can a boy just live a drama-free life? I mean... c'mooooooooooon!

A few weeks ago I got a call from an unfamiliar number. I pick up because I don't hear from people that much anymore. I even answer debt collector calls these days.

Anyway, this person, Janice, is looking for a 'Muhammed'. I tell her she has the wrong number. But now, as I'm about to drop the call, this Janice person says, 'I know it's you Muhammed. Stop acting and give me my money'.


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