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Tuesday, 26 October 2021 10:52

Band Aid for Ameen, The Rappin Donkey

It is seldom that an entertainer, over a span of decades, continues to capture the imaginations of not only audiences but also that of other entertainers in a diverse variety of fields and still somehow continues to remain relevant while always evolving.


Not only was and is the originator of the Bruin Man Funk continually evolving but by all accounts Ameen Levy still manages to stick to his core identity as an artist, an entertainer and more importantly, as a person.


Sadly Ameen Levy and his family were struck by the devastating tragedy of losing their home in a fire on 22 September 2021. To help them through this difficult period, and help get the Ameen Levy Foundation back up and running, Band Aid along with Uncle Cal and P-Fore Online are hosting a benefit event for the entertainer who has not only worked with, influenced and paved the way for so many of his contemporaries and those young artists who he has given a platform to, but who has also given joy to audiences and fans all over the country.

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The Cape Town Electronic Music Festival which started off five years ago as a niche underground event has rapidly evolved into a renowned event on the international dance music festival calendar.
All over the world South Africa is starting to be seen as the Capital of House Music and has in fact evolved into one of the epicenters of Electronic Dance Music incorporating the vast array of styles that the genre incorporates.

In December 2015 a CNN article attempted to explain "How South Africa became the center of the house music world" and as far back as July 2010 already, The National from the UAE, which is Abu Dhabi Media's first English-language publication, declared "House finds a new home: South Africa, a hotbed of contemporary musical innovation"

The organisers of the 2016 edition of the Cape town Electronic Music Festival to be held at the Cape Town City Hall running from Friday 5th February to Sunday 7th February say that they continue to be committed to establishing the local scene on the international stage.

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