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In response to a recent incident in which he was the victim of police brutality, Cape Town Hip Hop artist K-Nine Die Hond has released a song called 'Fok Die Mapuza' and with its hard-hitting lyrics and dope beat, it is bound to find traction amongst those who have had first-hand experience of being victims of police brutality or who have witnessed an innocent friend or family member being assaulted by police officers.

We know that everybody in a Coloured community knows of someone who was smacked around by a police officer for absolutely nothing.
We also know that blogger Shana Fife sees these assaults as not just a few isolated incidents where police officers became a bit rough with a suspect who was "resisting arrest". 
We asked her for her thoughts on why we have this seemingly widespread problem of some Coloured police officers using unnecessary and disproportionate force when dealing with Coloured citizens who in many cases have not committed any crime at all.

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Monday, 23 May 2016 21:45

The Journey of EJ von Lyrik

The Journey of EJ von Lyrik mixed by DJ Azhul
She is rated by Chuck D of the legendary Hip Hop group Public Enemy as one of the Top 5 female MC's of All Time.
We at bruinou.com are not aware of any other Hip Hop artist of any gender as versatile as EJ von Lyrik and her musicality reaches far beyond what is conventionally defined as Hip Hop. As a singer she has a beautiful vocal range and her ability to switch between styles of delivery is unmatched here and abroad.
DJ Azuhl of the famed turntabilism & DJ crew The Beatbangaz takes us on a musical journey through EJ's career with a mix of 27 of her tracks spanning two decades and he also tells us a little more about this phenomenal artist.

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