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I am often accused of taking an anti-white stance and I always reply that I take an "anti-whiteness" position not anti "Afro-European" people or culture. There is a difference and that difference is written in blood and heroism.
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Having a wardrobe that has a disproportionately high number of black items is really not an indication of me being in a constant state of mourning, but it might as well be...
I wear black almost every day, except for today; I didn't...  
People here regularly wear black... We have a lot of funerals to attend...
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Sunday, 04 September 2016 23:00

Letter from Suburban Hell

I never found my piece of perfect suburbia but I found a row of old houses and a working class Afrikaaner community that had lived there from before the World Wars, many had escaped the brutality and inhumanity of Europe’s violence to seek out a better life in sunny South Africa. I bought one of those old houses via a bank loan, other than shoddy workmanship on the roof overlaps, the house is massive compared to the tiny houses with low ceilings that I was accustomed to in the townships.

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Sunday, 31 July 2016 19:06

Why are Coloured Women so Angry?

No... This is Not Nadine. Image is for Illustration Purposes Only - Picture: Cloudfront

Nadine has been asking herself this question since she was a little girl.
Now as a woman she shares some of the conclusions she has reached,

I Am Not Your Weekend Special
by Nadine Dirks

Growing up in a Coloured area, with many women of colour, I’ve always wondered one thing, “Why are women of colour so angry?”. As a child, it always seemed unclear to me, there wasn’t one clear outlying reason for their anger, yet they all seemed to carry it on their weathered faces, as they went about their day.

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Monday, 04 January 2016 20:19

Penny not wise, Phalishi plain foolish

Amid all the social media uproar around race relations in South Africa, Soli Philander in his usual witty way comes to an interesting conclusion about the reactions people have towards our racist compatriots and especially about the reactions from white liberals. - Editor

Penny not wise, Phalishi plain foolish
by Soli Philander

While you were sleeping a Penny dropped - Social Media overnight awash with copies of South Africa's Penny Sparrow calling Black people monkeys. It wasn't long after Sparrow's brain-fart caused some righteous indignation before there were the usual disclaimers along the lines of 'not all white people'.
I'm always left a bit cold by this kind of response, after all, what does it accomplish besides making the respondents feel better about themselves? It doesn't shut the Pennies of the world up and it certainly does not make them go away.

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