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Unsettlingly honest and brutally blunt, Ougat is Shana Fife’s story of survival: of surviving the social conditioning of her Cape Flats community, of surviving sexual violence and depression, and of ultimately escaping a cycle of abuse.

Shana Fife is a woman who exudes a lifetime of wisdom and insight for someone who many would say is at a relatively young age for anyone to write a memoir.
From having the privilege of regularly interacting with Shana on a number of different levels over the past few years, I for one am quite pleased that she didn't wait till some day when she is an old aunty to tell the world her story.
There are quite a number of reasons why Ougat could not wait for another 30 years to be written and why Shana Fife's memoir is a Must-Read for the here and now.

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"Shoprite prides itself over its so-called respect for women, with its annual award, yet Shoprite shows the greatest disdain for women."

The Workers International Vanguard League says that just 2 days after national Women's Day and in the heart of Women's month, 7 contract workers, all female, were arrested and humiliated at Shoprite's Pelikan Park branch. Their alleged crime: Keeping the tips that grateful customers have given them.

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