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Monday, 07 September 2020 10:55

Targets On Coloured Backs

#JusticeForNathanielJulies and other Coloured Boys With Targets On Their Backs

With the killing of 16 year-old Nathaniel Julies at the hands of police officers, regular Bruinou.com content contributor Angelo C Louw prompts us to take a more critical look at the disproportionately higher occurrences of police brutality that is particularly aimed at Coloured males.

Police gunned a 16-year-old Eldorado Park boy living with Down syndrome with nothing but biscuits in his hand, allegedly because he couldn’t answer them as they interrogated him. Residents say that the officer then dragged him by the neck into the back of a police van, preventing his father from accompanying them to the hospital. When there, police told doctors that he was involved in gang violence.

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Fresh off their European tour, Afro-Punk Hip Hop group Dookoom fronted by Cape Town Hip Hop stalwart Isaac Mutant, this time featuring internationally acclaimed Mississippi Hip Hop artist David Banner, have released another onslaught of pure anger that will probably be (mis?)labelled once again as a racist attack on all whites, but is it?

Opening up another hornets nest, piercing a festering wound, which if you care to listen, they seem to hope you will come to the conclusion that the wounds are real and need to be opened before it can be treated.

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Shannon Luders-Mannuel - Photo via ForHarriet
When I talk about my family culture, I’m mixed. When I talk about racism, I’m black. When Trayvon Martin was shot for wearing a hoodie, I was black. When Eric Garner was choked to death for selling cigarettes on the street, I was black. When Sandra Bland was arrested for failing to turn on her blinker, I was black. When churchgoers were shot for being black, I was black.

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