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Finally a Performance Poetry production that will entice you to truly set your imagination free.
In an era not too long ago, in fact, throughout recorded human history, the purpose of poetry and the performance of poetry has primarily been to entertain the reader or the audience; until the last few decades that is.

The best and most entertaining poetry performances for many lifetimes have always been those in which the only limit to your interpretation was your imagination.
In her new production The Tales of Robyn Strangehood, in part accompanied by live musicians, Robyn Strangehood aka Robyn Radcliffe will let that which you hear shape its own unique enchanted playground in your mind to form magical spaces where your spirit can run free with wild abandon.

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On Wednesday 23 August 2017, Hakkiesdraad Hartman and two of his fellow artists will be presenting a Dinner Showcase at the Jolly Carpe in Retreat Cape Town.
He will be accompanied by singer, songwriter Robert Rudeboi Lawrence and wordsmith NormanSmily. All three of these artists hail from George in the Garden Route and have been working together for 5 years. They have been writing and recording, developing artists and the music scene in George and the Southern Cape while maintaining strong community responsibility and social awareness.

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Tuesday, 09 August 2016 16:09

'Roes' deur YOMA - 'n Huldeblyk aan Alle Vroue

“Roes” which means rust in English is defined as “a reddish or yellowish-brown flaking coating of iron oxide that is formed on iron or steel by oxidation, especially in the presence of moisture”.

'Roes' is YOMA se huldeblyk opgedra aan alle vroue op Suid -Afrika se 60ste herdenking van Vrouedag op 9 Augustus 2016.
Of course it is something that all men should also listen to as well.

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Author‚ poet‚ playwright, academic and Black Consciousness leader Adam Small has died at the age of 79 on the morning of Saturday 25 June after complications following an operation.

At a time when Afrikaans was widely regarded as the language of the oppressor, Adam Small claimed it back for the people who the language really belonged to and used it in the dialect that authenticated its origins which is Kaaps, or what many of us today refer to as Afrikaaps.

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Thursday, 07 January 2016 13:15

Bernard Fielies se gedig: Januarie-Droogte

To some degree we all know what it is to go through the dreaded long month of JanYouWorry but few, if any, have so eloquently described it with poetry before.
Though the poem featured further below has extensively been shared on social media in the past few days, many times without even acknowleging and crediting Bernard Fielies as the original author, we sought to seek his blessing and input before sharing it with our Bruinou.com readers.

Bernard Fielies is oorspronklik van Riversdal en hy is nie sommer enige Johnny-come-lately by die digkuns nie. His book of poetry called "Na die ou Riversdal" (translated: “To the old Riversdale”), was launched to much acclaim at the Ha!Qua Youth Centre Hall as far back as 12 November 2011.

Unfortunately no new copies of 'Na die Ou Riversdal' are currently available but he says he is considering printing a second edition and we have a suspicious hope that he could be working on some new material as well.
Ons hier by Bruinou.com is sommer excited om in die toekems te lees wat nog alles uit hierdie man se pen gaan vloei.

'n Gedig deur Bernard Fielies

Hier sit ek nou in Januarie, hoog en droog;
net die "memories" van die "big days" wat my soog...
Ek vroetel in my beursie om 'n noot uit te haal,
maar my "pay" is al op met die "bonus" en al...

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