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Your help is needed in piecing together some of the hidden history of Durban's Coloured population group in a bid to explore narratives around this history from the perspectives of those who are willing to contribute material and knowledge to the Proclamation 73 Open-access Visual Memoryspace Project.
That means that you can through images and documentation contribute to the visual telling of your family's and your community's history and help weave the tapestry which aims to make the hidden histories of Durban come to life.
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Wednesday, 03 February 2016 13:36

The Anatomy of Racism

In his view of racism from a somewhat unconventional vantage point, Seth Randall dissects what he calls the anatomy of racism.
Contrary to our initial thoughts of it being yet another little trip through that well-trodden valley of sympathy-seeking white-guilt, his opinion is a differently refreshing attempt to step out of that valley and roam the plains of humanity.

The Anatomy of Racism
by Seth Randall

Growing up in Swaziland, I used to wish I could be black. It wasn’t because of any perceived inadequacy as a white person; it was simply that most of the people around me were black. This meant that being black was automatically cooler than being white. (Ask a psychologist!) And so it was for years, that I longed for such trifles as naturally dreadlocked hair, or skin that didn’t burn as quickly in the sun. The desire was child-like, and called no attention to itself – it simply was.
That is until we moved back to South Africa.

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