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Wednesday, 29 March 2017 12:03

Metrorail Diaries - A Scary Act

‘Climate Change’; it is a term enjoying prominence in the last decade with Cape Town and its Mediterranean climate being the front-runner of this phenomenon.  
It’s a sunny windless morning with the smell of perfume and cologne trying to overwhelm the senses; each one has its own character and charm.

“Wat klap soe?” a guy asks a group of three friends as the train makes its way to the next station.
“It staan soe” a guy from the group replies.
“Hosh” the first guy replies.
“Gaan ôs soe dala my ma se kin?” another guy asks.
“Aweh ôs staan op haai nomme. ’n Man moet ’n kroon kyk, of wat sê die broese?” another guy in the group interjects, looking at the rest of the group.

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There is little doubt that poverty hampers early childhood development which in turn affects a child's learning ability as they grow older and usually ends in a child not living up to his or her full potential when they reach adulthood.

Yes, there are many exceptions, but generally the cycle of poverty is repeated from generation to generation when there is no form of intervention which will boost a child's early development.
Without any early intervention, the child is already at a deficit when he or she enters the education system.
What if each of us started our own little intervention?

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