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Wednesday, 20 November 2019 17:58

The Boy with the Buttons at the Bus-stop

I was huddled at the bus stop, partially sheltered from the South-Easter’s icy fingers, as it fiddled at the crevice of my coat and pinched my cheeks playfully. Ominous clouds hung overhead, heavily pregnant with rain, an imminent birth soon to be unburdened from the heavens.

He appeared as if from nowhere, his expression as innocent as his clothes were threadbare. Dirty blue jeans, scuffed sneakers and a cotton sweater with the buttons done up wrong were his body’s only defence against the elements.

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A new well-ntended cleverly produced 30 second commercial has been created to raise awareness of kids on the Cape Flats who have to live in fear of violence every day of their lives. It sadly misses the mark in more than one way.

Created by Community Action for a Safer Environment and Saatchi & Saatchi SA, the commercial was launched on YouTube on 17 February 2016 before being aired on DSTV.
The advert was flighted on DSTV channels for the first time on 19 February including M-Net, Vuzu, Channel O and M-Net Action Plus, and is expected to run for at least a month.

It is however strange that it is flighted on a service which only reaches a rough estimate of about 10% of the population. It is afterall an awareness campaign, yet it might completely miss the target audience.

Furthermore, with all of its supposed good intentions, we should also question what subliminal message this advert holds.

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