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I am compelled to question the political purpose of the recent Netwerk24 article 'Wit Afrikaner dra gene van slawe en Khoisan - studie' (White Afrikaners carry genes of slaves and Khoisan - study).
Ethno-nationalism between South Africa's black and coloured people, in fact ethno-nationalism between all people is growing, along with it discrimination and anti blackness that detracts from the common experience of a shared struggle.

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I am often accused of taking an anti-white stance and I always reply that I take an "anti-whiteness" position not anti "Afro-European" people or culture. There is a difference and that difference is written in blood and heroism.
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Having a wardrobe that has a disproportionately high number of black items is really not an indication of me being in a constant state of mourning, but it might as well be...
I wear black almost every day, except for today; I didn't...  
People here regularly wear black... We have a lot of funerals to attend...
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Saturday, 15 October 2016 15:52

When Apple Trees Must Fall

Perhaps this is what is wrong with us as South Africans...
Die appels val nooit ver van die boom nie en die boom bly staan.

We've all watched one woman's bizarre perspective being most likely the only part of the #ScienceMustFall discussion we were exposed to.

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Fresh off their European tour, Afro-Punk Hip Hop group Dookoom fronted by Cape Town Hip Hop stalwart Isaac Mutant, this time featuring internationally acclaimed Mississippi Hip Hop artist David Banner, have released another onslaught of pure anger that will probably be (mis?)labelled once again as a racist attack on all whites, but is it?

Opening up another hornets nest, piercing a festering wound, which if you care to listen, they seem to hope you will come to the conclusion that the wounds are real and need to be opened before it can be treated.

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