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Thursday, 15 August 2019 17:01

Kry Julle Reg Vir Arendsvlei se Nuwe Seisoen

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Dis maklik om een van die grootste redes agter Arendsvlei se sukses uit te figure... Die charachters oor wie dit gaan praat soos die mense wie hulle supposed is om uit te beeld... Mense aan wie die kykers kan relate. 

Beatrice Abrahams en die leerders van Hoërskool Arendsvlei is gereed om nog drama na die kassie te bring, ná kykNET & kie se eerste Afrikaanse telenovela, Arendsvlei, verleng is vir nog ’n seisoen.

Toe lees ek mos as 8-jarige laaitie die boek. Nou is daar klomp goed wat ek nie mooi verstaan nie. Nou sien ek maar Jack is die held in die storie. Maar die saak maak nie vir my sin nie.
Jack word deur sy Ma gestuur om die koei te verkoep. Toe volg die blikskottel nie sy Ma se raad nie en maak n Dom transaksie vir boontjies. Toe die boontjies weggegooi word groei dit. Toe klim die Dom klong die boontjies en gaan roof en besteel iemand anders se waardevolle goed. Toe die ou uitvind van die Dom skelm Jack se inbraak,toe vlug Dom Jack. Maar toe vermoor Jack die ou. Toe is Jack somma die held in sy Ma se oë want sy kry mos nou benefits uit die saak al is dit moord.
Toe sê my kinderbreins vir my, ek moet net mooi watch wat ek lees. Toe jare later toe besef my kinderbreins dat dit die Engelse se manier van justification was om hul kinders te brainwash, dat dit okay is om in n ander land in te gaan om te roof,plunder en vermoor...
Nou likes ek nie Meer vir Jack nie want hys n Dom, Skelm en Moordenaar.
Plus hy word as die Held voorgehou!!
Arme Reus, het vir hom niks gemaak nie en was happy voor hy daar uitgestiek het. Ingelse propoganda het gewerk.
Hulle het die wêreld gekoloniseer en die skatte weggedra. Nou is die pond steeds sterk...
Friday, 12 July 2019 18:02

The Army That We Really Need

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Send in the Army for what, whom and why???? Is the most appropriate army being sent?
We are traumatised of years and years of abuse, violence, crime and poverty send in an army of social workers, phycologists, psychiatrists, sociologists, and trauma counsellers.

When you're 13 years old and already have a career as a radio presenter along with a number of other achievements, it is quite understandable that you can't really pinpoint exactly what you would like to do as an adult... That is the case for Linnay Jooste, and though she for now only has some idea of which direction she wants to go into, she already has a great head-start as the youngest radio presenter on Eldos FM in Eldorado Park Johannesburg.
We got in touch with Linnay and her parents Buddy & Keenen Jooste to find out more about this dynamic young lady.

The Homeless targeted - for what they don’t have.

Imagine being homeless and jobless with your family in a country which guarantees you, through its Constitution, the right to dignity, food, shelter, security, education etc and you can’t get access to any of these inalienable right. Your continued poverty is a nuisance to the affluence of the bureaucracy who is supposed to provide you with services to mitigate your poverty. You can’t afford education. You can’t afford housing. You can’t afford food to feed your family. You are on Council housing lists for decades. You migrated to the Western Cape and you can’t access any services.

And then imagine that same government punishes you for not being able to access those inalienable rights.

In response to a recent incident in which he was the victim of police brutality, Cape Town Hip Hop artist K-Nine Die Hond has released a song called 'Fok Die Mapuza' and with its hard-hitting lyrics and dope beat, it is bound to find traction amongst those who have had first-hand experience of being victims of police brutality or who have witnessed an innocent friend or family member being assaulted by police officers.

We know that everybody in a Coloured community knows of someone who was smacked around by a police officer for absolutely nothing.
We also know that blogger Shana Fife sees these assaults as not just a few isolated incidents where police officers became a bit rough with a suspect who was "resisting arrest". 
We asked her for her thoughts on why we have this seemingly widespread problem of some Coloured police officers using unnecessary and disproportionate force when dealing with Coloured citizens who in many cases have not committed any crime at all.

Somtyds wonne 'n man as die hype groot is dat die disappointment maybe nog groter gaan wies...
KROON's new album Steinkopf tot Bontas lives up to the hype.

After their first offering a few years ago, the KROON EP, the duo of Pierre "Mr. DIY" Cloete & Cheslyn "Chella021" Philander, who make up KROON_ZA, took a break from their group while focusing on their individual projects and collaborating with others.
A year and a half ago they started working on this!

Monday, 24 June 2019 08:29

The 'Colour' of Coloureds Mentality

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The problem with them (the coloureds) seeing themselves in isolation to the broader black struggles for economic equity and equality through financial restitution and land repatriation is the following:

The comedian formally and informally known as Prins goes bigger than ever with the Live Performance and Recording of his One Man Stand Up Comedy Special “Unnecessary”, at the Lyric Theatre, Gold Reef City on the 30th May.

The Kuils River couple who made history at the University of the Western Cape in 2018 have now won the Platinum Award for the Most Inspirational Couple of 2019 at the 7th Annual I Do Magazine Awards in Sandton, Gauteng on 06 April 2019.