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Saturday, 29 December 2018 17:40

Clifton's Sheep in Wolves' Clothes

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Kleurlinge... yes that is the only way I feel like describing these adherents of a false consciousness... Kleurlinge losing their minds over a sheep being slaughtered on a beach which they themselves as people are regularly being bullied to vacate and until a few decades ago were not even allowed the privilege to visit or set foot on. 
A group of concerned parents and community leaders from Valhalla Park and surrounding areas are up in arms over the death of two children which did not even draw a murmur from mainstream media and which seemingly had a slow response from law enforcement agencies.
Sunday, 23 December 2018 22:35

David Kramer's Langarm - Much More Than Just a Dance

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Something I have learned that helps me immerse myself into the full experience of watching a theatre production or a movie is to leave any and all expectations at the door. Somehow the very little I know of Langarm dancing, through once in a while having to play a few tracks of the genre when I DJ at weddings and private functions, sneaked into The Fugard with me. 

Accompanied by the vivaciously scintillating Wiskunde Juffie aka Marley Rose who knows more than a thing or two about Ballroom Dancing, having at some point been an active participant in what is essentially also a very competitive sport, I was fortunate to be in the company of someone who could anchor me during the very lively and animated conversations that followed as we left the theatre and met up with members of the cast in the ground floor bar area.

As one looks onto and into the KhoiSan struggle one is torn between hope and despair as one sees how it tears itself to pieces whilst uttering noble mantras such as unity and solidarity.

The struggle whilst noble in itself is wracked by personalities, tensions, competitions and inner fights that dissipate its energies and causes it to become victim to parochialism and lose focus. It further shudders and shakes itself to competing pieces that are vitriolic and combative as opposed to complementary and this takes one back to the writings of Willie Lynch in his works “The Making of a Slave”. In it he asserts that the division and control of slaves is brought about by colour and breeding within which the woman or mother plays a central role in imprinting the young slave into submissiveness and fear of the slavemaster whilst being aggressive and domineering to other slaves. And this is further articulated by Frantz Fanon in his work “Black Skins White Masks” as well as in the “Wretched of the Earth”.


Ek gaan nie stry nie...  Aan die begin was ons ook maar skepties en versigtig en ja...
Vandat ons hier by insae het by die kykNET Ghoema musiektoekennings se Hip Hop kategorie was daar maar nog altyd baie van ons in die Hip-Hop-gemeenskap wat die hele saak en die organiseerders se motiewe bevraagteken en skepties aanskou het...
In hierdie artikel pak ons so 'n paar kwelpunte aan en hopelik kan ons aan belangstelendes so 'n bietjie insig gee.

Langarm known to the rest of the world as Ballroom dancing is and has for a long time not only been a cultural phenomenon particularly in Coloured communities in the Western Cape but has always been and remains to be a highly competitive sport across South Africa.
Like any cultural and sporting activity, Langarm dancing was racially segragated during the Apartheid era and dancing across the racial divide was a criminal offense.

The countdown is on to LANGARM, the much-anticipated new musical by award-winning, South African legend David Kramer.The actors in the leading roles are Rushney Ferguson, Cameron Botha, Kim Louis, Elton Landrew, Pierre Nelson and Julio Jantjies. LANGARM will be presented at The Fugard Theatre for the festive season from 20 November.

Firm favourite in the 100m finals at the 2018 IOC Youth Olympics in Buenos Aires, South African sprint sensation Luke Davids charged over the line in 10.15 seconds to win the 100m Gold Medal on Monday 15 October 2018.

Like most of the people I know, I closely followed the Ellen Pakkies trial via the media as it was happening. However, when all of the dust settled around the outcome of the trial, we simply went on with our lives.
Be warned... Seeing the cinematic depiction of the Ellen Pakkies story will not allow you to simply just go on with your life.
It’s Meant to Change You.
Now that Cape Town Mayor Patricia De Lille has resigned from her position effective 31 October 2018 and her party the Democratic Alliance (DA) has withdrawn internal charges against her, the big question is what can the people of Cape Town expect?

Ok we have to admit that before Raven Klaasen reached the 2018 Wimbledon Doubles Final we at had no clue who he is so we're not gonna tell you that glitter-sprinkled lie that claims we were behind him all the way.
Of course the fact that there is a bruinou making an international name for himself and earning great money playing tennis grabbed our attention, so we just had to find out more about him.