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User submissions and guest writer contributions.
Social commentary column by Sheldon Ferris of Eldorado Park.

Welcome to my new column, a place where I'll be baring my soul, teeth, heart and other parts of my anatomy to anybody with the chutzpah to wanna hear things from a fresh, new perspective.

Meet Gerrry (with 3 r's), an effervescent extrovert of epically expressive proportions. Impossible to ignore online, opinionated and passionate, Gerrry shows the younger generation that age really aint' nothing but a number as he shares his life experienes, opinnions, views and riveting short stories with us through this, his new column, Gerrryly Speaking.

Born and raised in Elsies River on the Cape Flats with his finger firmly on the pulse of his community, their issues, and always the Entertainment they love, Ryan Swano aka $force brings a much needed voice of considered reason to let us know what's going down in the hearts and minds of those in C-Town. "Sometimes controversial, always informed, intensely relevant, keeping it real and undeniably interesting"(Editor)

Meet Joy-Mari Cloete, an opinionated, expressive, passionate woman from Cape Town. She's very curious about things, is widely read and deeply in love with the internet and words.

By day she's a content producer at Shake Interactive in Woodstock where her job is to write, write and write some more...which she LOVES!