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Kim at the Kit Kat Club in her new movie

Still high from the success of her movie “The Flyer”, bubbly Kim Engelbrecht writes to us about her current projects. She tells us that she didn’t always want o act; in fact, she wanted to become a sports coach when she was young. And the vivacious actress certainly has lots of energy!

Kim began her television career at 12 when she starred as a cripple Sudanese girl in the   Italian film “Sarahsara”. She later landed a role as a presenter on Craz-E, then hosted the educational SABC programme “Take 5”.  Kim ventured into acting, and currently plays the controversial character Lolly in “Isidingo”.

She also writes and performs comedy for the “Pure Monate Show”.
Her passion is comedy (her role models are Ellen Degeneres and Will Ferell) and she provides a funny and unique interview for our readers. Read on to get the skinny on the unstoppable talent that is Kim Engelbrecht.

What is your full name (and we mean full name)?

Kim Suzanne Engelbrecht

Date of birth?

20 June 1980

Where were you born and raised?

Belhar, Cape Town

Which schools did you attend?

Valhalla Primary School, Elsies River and Belhar Senior Secondary School

Where are you based right now (which place do you call home)?


How would you describe your personality?

I am a typical Gemini - sometimes a gem, other times a naai!

Kim in her new comedy show - For Blacks Only

Have you always wanted to act?


What were your ambitions/ career goals while you were growing up?

I wanted to be a fitness trainer for a soccer team and travel the world…or any other ball sport for that matter.

Briefly describe your road to fame. Where exactly did your television career begin, and how did you get to where you are today?

I did my first film when I was 12, ”Sarahsara”, and got to go to Italy. I worked on “Craz-e” (etv) when I was 18, then moved to Joburg to do “Take 5” at 19. And at 21, started doing “Isidingo”.

Have you worked with many celebs, and if so, with whom? 

International – no.