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It's a fact: if you've bought a brand name phone recently, you've probably paid waaaay too much. is an online store trying to bring the benefits of low-cost consumer electronics to all South Africans by cutting out the middle-men and helping you buy direct from us, the low-cost wholesalers. All our products are backed by a 12 month manufacturer warranty and the prices advertised on our website include packaging and shipping to any location in South Africa.

Stop paying exorbitantly for quality mobile phones and consumer electronic goods. Browse our store and see how is making hi-tec digital electronic goods available to the public at unbelievable wholesale prices.

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A few months ago, I allowed myself to be kidnapped by a few friends hellbent on having too much fun. They hired a kick@$$ ride from Joburg, drove to Durban and partied up a storm all weekend. The ride was superb, DVD players, rocking sound, sober drivers with GPS navigation…eish…we were rolling in Durban ekse! Nothing like taking a trip in some reliable transport with a sober driver focused on the road, where you can just kick back and enjoy the ride.

JoziBear Tours, a young, vibrant company, is just such a company that provides these kind of transport services and a whole lot more! The company is super-committed to providing their passengers with not only outstanding safety and a warm, friendly, personalized service, they’re also out to bring back good old-fashioned value for money.